Khamis, 20 Ogos 2009

Farewell Lunch@TGI's Friday for Fairudz

This is "Charlie Angle"...but another angle tak dapat datang.....say Cheese....
Ini dia tengah kena dera...TGI's rules who ever celebrate birthday they have to stand on the me n ong kena last year. But he also very sporting and stand on the chair. Then they ask him to sing a song same goes to the lady behind him. He sing the lady will do the action.

Inilah tiga bujang trang tang tang termasuk la Sir Marciano...hehehehe..lelong lelong lelong murah murah stock clearance...jangan marah

We went to TGI Fridays again to give farewell to one of our project engineer (Fairudz). He still single mingle...sesiapa yang nak berkenalan boleh la call nor..hahahahaha. But this jane tak dapat datang.Maybe she bz with her mimie (dog)....hahaha

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